You buy factory direct -- No Middle Man

You chose the comfort level

You have a long trial period

You can get a full refund

You want quality control and through testing


You prefer a mattress that sleeps warm

You like maximum sink

You want springs in your mattress

You don't want to choose a comfort level



Quick Breakdown

Brooklyn Bedding scores very high in the three most important categories – construction, comfort and value. A Brooklyn Bedding mattress comes to you factory direct. The money a middleman would charge goes into making a higher quality mattress. They don’t try to convince you that one comfort level is best for everyone. Instead, they let you pick the level of softness or firmness you prefer. The construction combines the highest quality materials and takes place in their own factory so they have complete quality control. It all adds up to a top grade.


Brooklyn Bedding’s R&D department has developed a new foam that is more durable, sleeps cool and has bounce. It provides one of the best night’s rest you can find anywhere – including in more expensive mattresses. The Brooklyn Bedding TitanFlex™ is an open-cell foam that “breathes” to keep you cool and has pushback so you can move easily. You don’t end up feeling hot and stuck which can happen when a mattress has too much sink. Brooklyn Bedding has infused the mattress with titanium beads. Titanium is the perfect element to trap and disperse the heat from your body so you enjoy a cool night’s rest all night long. Plus, titanium is in the super hero category of elements so it’s strength actually adds extra durability to the foam making it the longest lasting hyper-elastic foam on the market.
Rather than trying to stack different foams in hopes of coming up with the right comfort level, Brooklyn Bedding manufactures the TitanFlex for two specific purposes. The top layer is 2” of TitanFoam designed for that ease of movement and full-body comfort. The next layer of TitanFoam gives you the support you need to keep your spine aligned throughout the night to reduce any morning aches and pains. You get a generous 4” of foam specifically designed for your comfort over a 6” support foam base. The high- density foam base supports even heavy sleepers. It’s won’t sag, and has a lifetime estimated at 20+ years. The mattress has a cover that is quilted at the Brooklyn Bedding factory, assuring that the entire mattress is manufactured in-house to be sold direct to you.


The construction of the mattress is your assurance of complete comfort. You benefit from sleeping on two layers of the same material, TitanFoam. Each layer is specifically designed to complement the other – a big difference from just stacking different types of foam. And, Brooklyn Bedding didn’t stop there. They know that one size rarely fits all so they make the Brooklyn Bedding mattress in three different comfort levels. If you’re not sure which is right for you, start with your sleeping position. Soft is best for side sleepers and is preferred by some back sleepers. Medium is the “just right” comfort level that works for all sleepers. It’s the right one if you and your partner have different sleep styles because it will make you both happy. Firm is best for back sleepers and those who want extra lumbar support. Forget buying an expensive topper to make your bed firmer or softer – just pick the mattress that is right for you and the way you sleep – soft, medium or firm. Brooklyn Bedding gives you the choice.


Brooklyn Bedding makes their bed in their own 145,000 square foot factory and they sell it direct to consumers. There is no middleman so you’re not paying for someone else’s extra profit. When you buy a Brooklyn Bedding mattress, you’re buying direct. The entire manufacturing process takes place under the watchful eyes of Brooklyn Bedding’s quality control team. They make sure every mattress meets the highest standards in the industry. The mattress is made to your specified comfort level and shipped to your door. Simply, selling direct means savings for the consumer.


You don’t stretch out on a new mattress and know it is the one that’s exactly right. It takes about a full month for your body to adjust to a different bed. You need time to know that your bought the right mattress and Brooklyn Bedding gives you all the time you need. You get 120 days to decide if this is the right mattress for you. The return is simple. You donate the mattress to your favorite charity and have them pick it up from you. If you can’t arrange the donation, don’t worry. Brooklyn Bedding’s customer support team will give you all the help you need – and a full refund. If you’re not happy with your Brooklyn Bedding mattress, you return it and get your money back, all your money.


It’s a strong 10-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defect or deterioration or breakdown in the foam. You can expect your mattress to get a little softer and show an indent of less than 1” as part of the breaking-in process, but you can also be reassured that the warranty protects you from any defects in materials or workmanship. Remember, like all warranties, you have to meet all requirements – they are as easy as making sure you have a proper foundation and protecting the mattress from anything that goes beyond normal wear and tear. The trial period and the warranty work together to make sure that you can buy without risk. The customer service personnel at Brooklyn Bedding will be happy to review the full terms of the warranty with you.


Andrew Z.

Well priced and amazing
We are in love with our new medium king mattress and pillows! I hate leaving my bed! The mattress hugs my body while at the same time feels like there's zero pressure. I'm so glad that after month of researching mattress, we picked the #bestmattressever. (Oh, and customer service has been excellent, too!)

Ilze G

These sheets make it hard
I've only had the mattress for 2 weeks but I am really happy with it so far. It's firm but not too firm. It is exactly what I wanted. The pillows are also very awesome. Somehow also firm but soft. Comfy. I would highly recommend my experience to anyone.

Jonathan K

Excellent quality and sleep.
I like a firm mattress that you don't sink into (not a fan of memory foam), but most foam based mattresses feel too soft to me. Bigger guy - mid 200 lb. Happened to be visiting Phoenix and was able to try the BME in person at BB showroom. Visited a couple of times. Medium felt surprisingly firm and supportive. Firm felt very similar to be honest. Somewhat more taught topper, but basically the same support. Ordered the medium as I liked the softer topper, Cal King size, set it up on the BB high rise metal foundation base. Amazing. Everything I want in a bed. I sleep on all sides - back, side, stomach. Great support for every position. Never feel like I'm sinking but still soft enough to be comfortable. Love it every night. So far, 3 weeks in. Will update if anything changes!

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