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You want a breathable mattress to keep you cooler

You want the properties of the Celliant cover

You want a medium comfort level to please both you and your partner

You like that the manufacture includes plant based material instead of petroleum

You believe that paying more gets you a better bed


You want a lower price

You want more reviews from more buyers

You want a softer - or Firmer - comfort level

You want a true memory foam



Quick Breakdown

Amerisleep is another Internet dealer that has branched out into multiple beds. Their lowest priced bed is a firm (AS1) for $1099 and their highest is a soft (AS5) for $1999. There are 5 beds (firm, medium firm, medium, medium soft and soft) and they are priced according to their comfort level with soft being the most expensive. At one point, the beds all had names like “Liberty” which is now known as AS3. This is the bed we’re chosen to review as it is the most common comfort level. Amerisleep has developed its own foams including Bio-Pur which is billed as being “five times more breathable than traditional memory foam”. This foam is made using some plant-based material which reduced the amount of petroleum in the manufacturing process making the AS3 and other Amerisleep beds eco-friendly.


The AS3 is a three-layer mattress. One of the most unique things about the mattress is its cover which is made over 20% Celliant along with spandex and polyester. Celliant combines 13 minerals and is thought to have health benefits including increased blood flow. It is designed to turn your body heat into infrared light. Your improved oxygenation is said to help you get a more restful sleep and to reduce pain. You get a good night’s sleep and the possibility of health benefits. Amerisleep makes a good point by saying this is the layer closest to your body and it deserves attention.
Under the cover is a 3” layer of Amerisleep’s Bio-Pur™ foam. It has an open cell structure to keep heat from building so you get a cool night’s rest. The next layer is the Affinity transition layer which is a soft, responsive 2” layer. It helps the mattress to conform to your body to create a weightless feeling. The Bio-Core™ base is 7” and Amerisleep says it won’t sag after decades of use. Altogether, the layers add up to a 12” mattress – 2” higher than the more prevalent 10” mattress. Both of the trade-marked foams used by Amerisleep are made with a patented process that uses some plant-based material. This means that some of the petroleum that would have been part of the manufacturing process is replaced. The manufacturing method exceeds the Clean Air Act. More practically and more important to the buyer, it all works to reduce off-gassing and odor when you receive your Amerisleep mattress.


The medium Amerisleep AS3 is comfortable. Overall, the mattress has good pressure relief with some sink while still feeling responsive. The layers work well together. The Bio-Core gives the mattress a sturdy, durable feel and adequate edge support. The top layers give you enough pushback so movement is not difficult. The mattress also did a good job of making the spine feel aligned and helping to keep it in a natural, neutral position in different sleeping positions. The Bio-Pur foam delivered a comfortable temperature along with reducing that sinking feeling. It definitely addresses the two major complaints you hear about memory foam – that it sleeps hot and feels enveloping. Amerisleep says that their response time is about 4 seconds with memory foam taking up to a minute to respond when you move. Thus, you never feel stuck if you move and change positions in your sleep. The medium is a true medium so if you and your partner have different sleeping positions, the AS3 should work well for both of you.


It’s hard to truly define the value quotient of the AS3. When it comes to delivering on its promises – a medium feel, a cool sleep and enough pushback to feel responsive, it succeeds. However, the Amerisleep bed price is on the high side of mattresses with similar construction. Additionally, some of the claims on the website seem a bit inflated. For example, they say it’s guaranteed to “help you sleep more and wake up less at night”. The guarantee refers to the fact that you can return the mattress within the trial period so the real guarantee is that you can return the bed – not that you will sleep better. We like the Amerisleep AS3, but we’re not sold on it being the best value available for the price.


It’s pretty much become an industry standard. You have 100 days to decide if you like the bed. Not happy? Return it for a full refund – but only after you’ve slept on it for 30 days. Amerisleep does take away the hassle of having to donate it yourself. You call them and they’ll have it picked up and donated to a charity or recycled.


Amerisleep has a 20-year warranty. For the first 10 years you are covered for defects. Unlike other warranties that detail what indentation or depression (usually an inch or more) is a defect, Amerisleep is not so specific and simply says that normal softening isn’t covered. During the second 10 years of the warranty, the coverage is prorated so you’ll have some costs. You’ll only receive 50% of the original purchase price and you’ll be responsible for the shipping charges. Still, it’s extra coverage that many other firms do not offer.



I am happy with this mattress so far
The first 30 days were an adjustment - my back was sore. Now it is more comfortable, but I am having problems with a stiff neck and I am not sure if it's the mattress or not. I 've only had the mattress for just under 2 months. It is sturdy and appears to be a quality product so far.


Back and neck pains are gone!
The mattress may feel very firm at first but will soften as the foam warms from your body. Best sleep I've had in a while!


Best sleep ever
Great mattress!!! Back problems greatly improved after sleeping on our Amerisleep mattress.

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