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You want a low price

You want to pay less for a mattress from a Know manufacturer

You want an all foam mattress

You want quality materials and manufacturing


You have a heavier weight

You want great edge support

You'd rather spend more and get more

You want a mattress designed for stomach sleepers


Quick Breakdown

The Arctic Dreams does just what it sets out to do – it provides a very low-cost mattress that is extremely affordable, but is made for both comfort and support. It’s a mattress that doesn’t have to be relegated to the guest room – although guests will be happy if you put one there. It may not be an expensive bed, but it’s going to give you a good night’s rest – even in the master bedroom. Made by Brooklyn Bedding, a manufacturer who has won a reputation for quality workmanship, the Arctic Dreams is like a starter home. It may not be everything you eventually want, but it works well for you and your budget. You’re going to sleep comfortably and keep money in your wallet.


The construction of the Arctic Dreams is simple, but it adds up to a full 10” mattress in the medium comfort level. This review is of the medium mattress, but it you want a different comfort level you can get one at the DreamFoam website. A 12” Arctic Dream soft is $50 more or you can go with an 8” firm for $20 less. The medium mattress is the most popular and earns 4.5 stars on Amazon. It has a top layer of ¾ of an inch of super soft foam to give you an almost luxurious sleeping surface. The next layer is 3” Energex foam – that’s a generous layer that compares well to foam layers in many mattresses that are more expensive. Energex foam bridges the gap between latex and memory foam. It’s not so conforming with so much hug that the mattress makes you feel trapped, but it has more full-body support than latex. Because it’s gel infused, it sleeps cool. The Energex layer sits on a 6.25” base of support foam that provides a good foundation for the mattress.
The total height of the medium mattress is 10”. You’re going to enjoy an all foam mattress that is constructed to meet the 3 most important features in a mattress. It has enough pushback to avoid the sinking feeling. It has full-body support. And, it is gel infused to give you a restful, cool night’s sleep. It compares well to mattresses that are priced much higher.


The top layer is thin, but it provides just enough softness to make the Arctic Dreams feel like a more expensive mattress. The Energex Foam – and man-made foams like it -- are being used more and more across the bedding industry. They address the major complaints against memory foam by reducing some of the sink and hug and by having a faster response time so you never feel trapped in one position. They give enough contouring for the full-body support some find lacking in latex foam. With an open-cell, gel-infused foam, the mattresses don’t build up heat, but instead trap the heat from your body and pull it away. The Arctic Dreams does all these things so that it compares well to mattresses that cost more. The medium is just a little bit firmer than the absolute middle of a 10-pt. scale, but the sleeper also gets the extra plush feeling from the top, soft layer.


Simply, the Arctic Dreams has to be one of the very best mattress values available. It’s sold both on the DreamFoam website and on Amazon, where it earns 4.5 stars. That star rating compares well to other more expensive mattresses. In fact, it beats at least one mattress that costs more than twice as much. You can expect a comfortable night’s rest for a price that is really a bargain. Plus, you have the assurance of knowing the bed is made in the USA by a well-respected mattress manufacturer and uses CertiPur certified materials. Want more? It’s even hypoallergenic.


Know the return policy if you buy the mattress from another site. The information here is for the return of a mattress purchased on the DreamFoam site. And, it’s very easy. Sleep on it for 30 days to give it a fair trial period. Not happy? Call customer service and they’ll help you get the mattress picked up and donated. You get a full refund. Better yet, you have 120 days to decide if the Arctic Dreams is right for you.


Even though it is a lower price, it comes with a pretty-standard 10-year warranty. The only major difference is that it doesn’t consider a depression a defect unless it is more than 1 ½” where many mattress warranties cover a depression of just an inch. Transportation costs, if needed, are also not covered. Still, it’s an average warranty on a bed that sells for much less than average.


Erin H

The mattress is also comfortable, I recommend this product
The bed arrived early than expected the instructions printed on the package makes it easier to open the and unroll the mattress. After having correctly unrolled the mattress, it fully expanded within 8 to ten minutes. When I measured the thickness two days later it had already reached the stated 10 inches. The mattress is also comfortable, I recommend this product.


Comfort Scale 6.5
For a foam mattress, fairly comfortable and you cant beat the price. I'm a side and back sleeper and was looking for something that wouldn't break the bank and I'm glad we purchased this. I would say on a comfort scale where 10 would be the softest, I would say this is a 6.5


Four Stars
Wow. My neck had been KILLING me and I have slept on this for two nights and voila, neck pain gone!

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