Merger of Two Bedding Companies Benefits Consumer

Published August 4, 2017

When you’re looking for the best deal on an Internet mattress, don’t overlook these two companies who have merged to make sure you can both buy direct and buy with confidence. Each was a strong company on its own, but together Brooklyn Bedding and Nest are poised to give the consumer a “brick and click” experience that will offer more options, superior quality and big savings.

Brooklyn Bedding and Nest Merge

The financial advisor on the merger called it “the perfect marriage”, consumers are going to call it a better way to buy a mattress. Brooklyn Bedding and Nest Bedding have merged. Both companies have proven success in the bedding industry. “Together we are a vertically integrated company, from manufacturing to e-commerce to physical, real stores,” says John Merwin, Brooklyn Bedding’s co-founder and CEO. Simply, together the companies are going to make mattress buying easier and more affordable no matter how a customer wants to shop. Here’s what each brings to the merger:
  • Brooklyn Bedding has an established online brand that is available on their website and is one of the most popular choices on Amazon.
  • Nest Bedding sells through their own website and offers a variety of beds that include mattresses with memory foam, latex mattresses, mattresses with their own Energex foam – a foam that combines full-body support and bounce – and even hybrid mattresses that have innersprings.
  • Brooklyn Bedding operates its own 145,000 square foot, state-of-the-art factory in Phoenix, AZ. While it was one of Nest’s suppliers in the past, now all products will be made in the factory – offering exceptional quality control for the mattresses in both lines.
  • Nest Bedding has brick and mortar showroom stores in major markets in California, including San Francisco, Santa Monica, Palo Alto and more. It also has a showroom in New York City with one set to open in Chicago. As part of the merger, Nest will expand with brick and mortar locations in major markets nationwide. Brooklyn Bedding also has mattress stores in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona and in Utah.
The two companies shared similar goals of creating high quality mattresses and selling them at affordable prices. They will now be able to offer bedding customers the ease of Internet sales, plus a growing number of actual locations for consumers who prefer shopping in a store. With the Phoenix factory manufacturing all mattresses for both lines, both companies will be able to offer the savings of buying direct without middleman. Consumers will benefit through the lower prices, unsurpassed quality control from in-house manufacturing and the continued development of better ways to sleep from the combined research and development teams.