Target Announces Adding Casper Bedding

Published August 4, 2017

Target is adding something new to their store – a line of Casper merchandise! Target set out to buy the popular Internet mattress dealer. When the acquisition fell through, Target settled for a minority stake in the company and adding the Casper line to their in-store and online merchandise. Here are 5 new products from Casper that you’ll be able to buy from Target.

Target Announces Adding Casper Bedding to their Merchandise Line

Target is targeting Casper – and it’s a good think. They know that many people – especially millennials -- are choosing their products from Internet shopping. They also know that sometimes they’d like to see that product up close or order it from a trusted store. Here are the five Casper products you can expect to see in a Target or offered online by Target.
  1. The Casper Mattress: Of course – that’s why the Casper name has become famous. They make a mattress with a top comfort layer that keeps you cool and gives you great easy of movement while the memory foam layer gives you great support. You can find it on and have it shipped to your door.
  2. Casper Sheets: They’re 100% cotton for a naturally great night’s sleep. Best of all, they get softer with every wash. They’ll be available in sizes twin through California king in selected Target stores and on the Target website.
  3. The Casper Pillow: Again, it will be in select stores and on the Target website. It’s a unique pillow-in-a-pillow designed for every sleeping position. It will stay cool and comfortable and, yes, you can squish it and it will still be supportive. Available in king and standard sizes.
  4. The Casper Layer: This one is only at Target! It comes in twin and twin XL to get your student ready for a great night’s rest in that college dorm or in your home. It’s portable and can even be used as an extra guest bed. Again, find it in some Target stores and on the Target website.
  5. The Casper Lounger: It’s another Target exclusive – think of a great seat on the floor. If you’re a gamer, you’re going to like this one! Or, lay it out for relaxing or finally hitting the books. Look for it in some stores and, of course, at .
Target says that they’ll have additional Casper products on their website – with no springs attached. The selection of Casper items by a huge company like Target points to the fact that merchandisers are going to have to marry in-store and online offerings. They’ve learned that the Internet attracts a customer they want – and now they’re making it easier to get that customer in their stores or on their website.