Why Online

Published August 4, 2017

Why would you buy a mattress online? Did you used to say that about clothing or shoes? Online sales are becoming more and more a fact of life of everyday life. Everything from cleaning supplies and groceries to that special dress for prom are being delivered to our door. Need a new mattress? Here are 5 good reasons to buy online to assure yourself of a good deal – and a good night’s rest.

5 Reasons to Buy a Mattress Online

                Thinking that a new mattress might solve some of your morning aches and pains and that a good night’s rest would give you the energy you need for your busy days? Have a seat. Turn on the computer or grab your smartphone. You just might find that getting a great mattress, a great price and a great night’s sleep is waiting for you on the web. Here are 5 reasons to buy your next bed on the web!
  1. Convenience: You probably think about replacing that mattress late at night or first thing in the morning – those are the times when research says we are most concerned about how we sleep. You can’t go shopping in the middle of the night at a store, but you can start comparing mattresses on the Internet. You’re going to find that it’s easy with review sites to help you understand the construction, actual ratings from people who sleep on the mattresses and a surprising selection of brands and constructions. Plus, you’ll get the convenience of delivery right to your door!
  2. Better prices: Not paying to have a storefront – let alone multiple storefronts with one on each corner – is a big savings that online mattress firms pass on to you. Better yet, you’ll find several brands that sell factory-direct. That means no middleman costs which pays off with a better quality mattress at a lower price. And, don’t forget – these mattresses are delivered to your door. You don’t pay for delivery!
  3. Trial period: If you’ve ever gone to a mattress store and tried to stretch out on a mattress to see how it feels, you know that’s almost impossible. First, you’re fully clothed. Next, there’s all those other customers watching you. Finally, there’s the salesman who is standing next to you and trying to keep sell you the bed. Fact is that it takes about 30 days to adjust to a new mattress, and until that period is up, you’re not going to know. Internet mattress dealers know you need time to be sure, so they give you long, long trial periods. You can take up to 120 days to decide if you like the mattress. Not happy? Return it for a full refund.
  4. Control: You are in control of making your purchase. No salesman is going to try to hurry you along or sell you that mattress that has the best commission for him or her. You can take your time. You can compare guarantees. You can read what real customers have to say; you can read what review sites have to say. You can make your best decision without anyone pushing you along – and, with the long trial periods, you don’t have to worry you made a mistake.
  5. Choice: You’re going to find a great selection of mattresses. You’ll find all the different foam constructions – latex foam, memory foam and newly developed foams that combine full-body support with a cool night rest. You’ll find mattresses with springs if you want the feel of an innerspring mattress. You can even find luxury mattresses that come with white glove service. Take your time and find the one that’s right for you.
Your mattress is one of the most important purchases you can make. You’ll spend a lot more time on that mattress than you’ll spend on the couch. You want to make sure you get a great night’s rest – but you also want to get great value. Consider online mattress buying. With the long trial periods, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain because every day is better with a good night’s rest.