Casper Mattress Review

Mattress Review


You like a combination of foams

You like a company that is always trying to improve their product

You want some bounce but like sink, too

You like the way the mattress looks with its stretchy, tight cover

You like being able to remove and clean the cover


The constant redesigning of the mattress makes you feel it’s not quite right

You worry that three 1 ½” layers don’t really add up and will feel thin

You think you can find better construction in the same price range

You want choice in your comfort level


Casper, queen size -- $950

Quick Breakdown

Casper bills their mattress as the “perfect” mattress. However, it has undergone 3 different construction revisions since it was first offered. The Casper mattress is a 4-layer mattress, but each of the three comfort layers is fairly thin and may not be thick enough to really bring the foam’s individual characteristics to the mattress. Casper says they looked at density, rebound, airflow and firmness in designing the mattress. They have a large 30-person R&D staff who they say is constantly doing research and development. As a buyer, you have to buy into the idea that the mattress is great now and that they are simply working to make it better.


When you visit the Casper website, you’re going to get more information about research, development and testing than the mattress itself. You can read what actual customers have to say. Casper gets kudos for including both great comments and not-so-great comments. If you look on Amazon, you’ll find the Casper mattress earned 4 stars. Casper is a 4-layer mattress. The top layer is a “responsive” polyfoam with an open-cell design. This layer gives a comfortable sleeping surface with some contouring support and some bounce. Next, come a layer of memory foam – the only named foam. Memory foam shapes itself to your body to cradle you and relieve pressure points. It “hugs” the sleeper and Casper says that it leverages the airflow of the top layer to pull heat away from the sleeper. The third comfort layer is a “supportive” polyfoam. Each of these three comfort layers are just 1 ½” thick. Some sleepers report that they feel like they “fall through” the top layer to the memory foam. Still, together they create a 4 ½” combination of foams that are designed to work together to bring you comfort. The three layers sit on a 5” foundation layer.
We’d like more hard information on the website with better descriptions of each foam layer and information on the cover. We know the cover is removable but how do you remove it and how do you clean it? They say they tested hundreds of foams but don’t detail information about why they chose the 2 polyfoams that are used in the mattress. On the plus side, Casper does use all CertiPUR-US certified foam which is good for the environment and good for you.


The Casper mattress offers just their one “perfect” mattress. It’s a medium designed to work with every sleeping position. It comes in on the firmer side of medium. Both some sleepers and reviewers have found it just a little too firm. However, it gets a plus for adequate edge support which expands the sleeping surface. All in all, the Casper offers a sleeping surface that isn’t too hot, doesn’t have too much bounce or too much sink. It tries to find the perfect middle spot that will satisfy the consumer and give a good night’s rest to every sleeper – the back, side or stomach sleeper. Without any choice of having the mattress more customized to you and your sleeping position, you’re either going to agree they found the right formula – or not. Like most Internet companies, you get a long trial period so you can make up your mind to keep it or return it for refund.


A queen size Casper mattress sells for $950 – or to the higher side of average. It has 3 comfort layers that add up to a design that is “thick” on comfort. However, each layer is a thin 1 ½’ which brings into question how well the layers can add their own individual strengths to the overall feel of the mattress. The website may leave you feeling like you just don’t know enough about the mattress to make a decision. The mattress is sold factory direct, which might be a big value point, but Casper barely mentions that benefit. There’s no risk in trying a Casper with their trial period and return policy, but we think if you do your own research you may find a better buy.


Once again, the website makes you search for an answer, but when you find it it’s a good one. You have a 100-night trial period. If you’re not happy, you call customer service and they arrange to have it picked up by a charity or recycler. In the FAQ section, they even tell you that you’ll receive your refund check in about 2 weeks.To sum it all up quickly, you try it for up to 100 nights and if you’re not happy, you get a refund.


The Casper warranty is a fairly typical 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects, including the zipper on the cover and indentations of an inch or more caused by normal use. We’re not sure whether to give Casper a pat on the back for a fuller disclosure on the website or if their warranty may be more restrictive in the long run, but the warranty as shown on the website includes things like using arbitration in a dispute which we have not seen on other websites. We’re of the mind that it’s an average warranty but reading the fine print is a bit scary.


Robert williams

It's a tad bit firm
Yes I enjoy my new mattress but think it could use a little bit more padding. I do tell my friends how nice it is and suggest they get one


A little warm
The experience was great. I had no problems ordering, receiving or setting up the mattress. It was not as hot as our regular mattress but still a little warm. Unfortunately after two nights my back went back to hurting again.

Deanna Cataldi

Won't sleep on anything else!!
I bought this mattress for my daughter, but I have been sleeping on it while she's been away at camp. it's amazingly comfortable. I will be buying one for myself soon.

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