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You’re fascinated by technology

You want to know how you sleep

You want your smartphone to do even more

You want a medium comfort level

You like combinations of foams for more comfort


You don’t want to bring technology to bed with you

You want less motion transfer

You want to choose your level of firmness or softness

You don’t need to “talk” to your bed


Eight Smart Mattress, queen size -- $1099

Quick Breakdown

You and your smart phone – and your mattress! That’s the premise of the Eight Smart mattress. Eight because hopefully you’ll get 8 restful hours of sleep and Smart because, well, it is. If you love technology, you’d probably rank this mattress higher. Trouble going to sleep? Ask the mattress for white noise. Set an alarm and the mattress will wake you up anytime in the half hour before the alarm time when you’re not in deep REM sleep. Your deep sleep won’t be interrupted. You can use your smart phone to tell it to warm your bed before you get home. However, we’re looking at the mattress although we’re pretty amazed by all the things it can do.


The Eight Smart is built with a combination of foams – 4 layers of them. The top layer is 2” of reactive foam. Eight says it has bounce like latex but feels like foam. Our take is that it’s a little more conforming but still has decent pushback. The next layer is 2” of transition foam, designed to distribute your weight so you get the support needed for a good night’s rest. It sits on 2” of memory foam to relieve pressure points. We like having the memory foam as a deeper layer because we aren’t fond of the hug a traditional memory foam mattress produces. This gives you the benefit of a conforming layer but without as much hug as a traditional memory foam mattress. It all sits on a 4” high density support foam as a base.
Overall, the sleeper doesn’t get the full personality of any of the individual foams. Instead, the layers work together to provide a unique feel. The bed is a bit conforming with a bit of bounce and designed to work with all sleep positions. If you’re wondering about the technology, it’s something like a fitted sheet that goes on the mattress. It’s actually available for sale separately. We mention it as part of the construction because it is not only part of the bed – it’s the reason many people want an Eight Smart.


With the Eight Smart your body has to adjust to two things. Without the technology, it’s a medium mattress that is just a bit on the firm side. When you add the technology, the bed become firmer. It’s hard to imagine sleeping on sensors that can do everything from wake you up with an alarm to warm the bed before you get in it. However, the technology doesn’t add bumps or hard spots – it just makes the bed a little firmer. Overall, this bed is medium – some hug, some bounce. It allows some motion transfer, but suppresses enough so you and your partner are likely to both get a good night’s rest. If you are on the lightweight, you may get that “floating” sensation. Of course, if you are heavier you will get more sink. Because Eight Smart is a blend of different foams, you’re not going to get the sink of a memory foam or the bounce of a latex or innerspring mattress. However, you get some sink and some bounce and that middle-of-the-road level may be exactly right for you.


It’s harder to pinpoint the value of the Eight Smart because you are really buying two things – a mattress and technology. The Sleep Tracker technology sells separately for $399 which would bring the price of the mattress down – in fact, you can buy the mattress without the technology for $699. However, if you just want a mattress and no technology the Eight Smart is just one of many choices in that price range. Still, it’s a very fair price for a 4-layer foam mattress, but you’ll want to comparison shop. You have to be aware that you are paying “extra” for the technology. Yet, that technology would probably be the main reason you’re considering the Eight Smart. We’re going to peg the value as a strong 7 – a decent deal with or without the technology.


You have 100 nights to decide if the mattress is right for you – and that includes the technology. The website doesn’t define whether you could just return one of the two products if they are bought together as a set. However, returning them together is simple – you call and Eight arranges to have them picked up and you get a check for the full purchase price.


Eight Smart has a 10-year limited warranty on the mattress that covers workmanship and defects in the foam – including depressions an inch or deeper. However, the technology comes with only a 1-year limited warranty. Interestingly, if you live in the Europe Economic Area and purchased the technology there, you get a 2-year limited warranty on the technology. If you’re purchasing the mattress because you want the technology, be aware the bed and the technology each have their own warranty.


Patrick J.

Good mattress for two
we bought this mattress because it promised low transference. my wife moves a lot through the night because she is pregnant. It does do a good job at that, I don't feel her as much anymore but of course not perfect yet. Maybe nothing is enough.

Ryan M

Supportive and cool
This mattress is the best I've tried so far. It looks very simple so I was scared that it would be low quality but actually in its simplicity it stands out because it is all about the comfort not the looks. And the tech is a great innovation. I had never tracked my sleep before and I have discovered that my room temp is higher than suggested and have been adapting it so I can sleep better. Interesting little fact..

Yvette O.

I had been sleeping on a serta mattress for 10 years, was time for a change. Found a promotion to purchase the Eight and read great reviews about it, specially about the technology that is really quite cool. Happy with my purchase and my husband - even more! He connected Eight to our Nest, and he's loooooving it

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