Mattress Review

You want this mattress if....

You like a combination of foams to give both conforming support and bounce

You want a mattress that sleeps cool

You appreciate a website that is easy to navigate and has both positive and negative reviews

You like working with companies that are good citizens

You like the simplicity of the Leesa construction

You don't want this mattress if....

You want a plush mattress

You are concerned about the durability of a convoluted foam

You need a firmer mattress to accommodate your weight

You would like to know more about the proprietary foam



Leesa, queen size -- $940 (but usually featured with a website discount)

Quick Breakdown

Leesa is a relatively new Internet mattress company, but they have earned respect with both a mattress that many find very comfortable and through their active involvement in being an excellent corporate citizen. Leesa plants a tree for every mattress sold and gives a mattress to a charity for every 10 mattress sales. That’s good citizenship, and they also make an above average bed. It’s a 10” mattress that combines foams to create a “Universal Adaptive Feel” – which means it’s breathable, bouncy but also has conforming support.


Leesa beds are made with their own proprietary, Avena® foam, as the top layer. It’s becoming common in the bedding industry to provide a top comfort layer that has more bounce or push-back to give the sleeper ease of movement and to make the foam more breathable for a more comfortable night’s rest. Avena® foam is made to accomplish those two goals and does a decent job with both. It provides the bounce so the sleeper doesn’t have that sinking sensation and sleeps comfortably cool. The major difference between Avena® and foams used by other manufacturers is that it is convoluted – think of an egg carton. This allows for excellent air flow, but it also means that the foam is not sitting on its solid side which may make it less durable.
The second layer of the Leesa mattress is 2” of memory foam. Memory foam is known for it’s full-body support, and by using it as a second layer, Leesa does away with both some of the sink and the hotter sleep that many find uncomfortable. As a second layer, it can provide that support while the top layer allows for pushback and keeps the sleeper cooler. The combination of the Avena® foam and memory foam is designed to give sleepers the best of both – a cooler night’s rest, ease of movement and full support. The two layers sit on a 6” base of dense core support foam to give the mattress its 10” height.


The Leesa comes in just one comfort level – the level they call their Universal Adaptive Feel. The say that their research has found the formula that gives the sleeper “cooling, contouring and core support”. The mattress comes in at about a 6 on the firmness scale and is designed to work with all sleep positions. However, a survey has shown that only about a 78% buyer satisfaction. That’s good since the majority of buyers like the mattress, but it isn’t an overwhelming approval. The Leesa may be a bit too firm for side sleepers and it may not provide enough support for heavier sleepers – especially couples with two heavy partners. The jury on back pain is undecided. Some mattress sleepers report less back pain, but other report more. It must be noted that those who report more pain find that it usually goes away after they give their body enough time to adjust to the mattress.


The Leesa mattress is listed with a regular price of $940, but when you visit their website it is likely that you will find a cart discount of up to $100. It is also shown with a discount on Amazon where it is selling for $865 and earns 4 stars. These discounts make the Leesa one of the more affordable mattresses on the Internet, although they do beg the question of why the discounted price isn’t just offered as the regular price. Personally, we’d like to see a more straight-forward price not discounts designed to make the consumer feel they are getting a deal. However, the construction of the Leesa stands up to being a good buy even at its full price. Our word of advice – shop with care. Know about the trial period and return policies of the mattress on each site where it is sold.


– Leesa makes a return easy for the buyer. They require that you sleep on the bed for 30 days before making a decision – that’s the standard time for your body to adjust to a new mattress according to experts. You can go beyond the 30 days – up to 100 days – to make your decision. If you decide the Leesa isn’t the mattress for you, you arrange for a return. Leesa does the hard work for you – including scheduling a pickup at your home. You buy the Leesa with their assurance that you will be happy or you will get a full refund.


-- The Leesa warranty follows the industry standard. It’s 10-year protection against manufacturing defects, including depressions that are more than an inch deep. It does not cover the softening of the memory foam layer that is a normal part of use unless depressions develop. Of course, you must set the mattress up properly and not do any damage that would void the warranty.


Daniel S.

Firmer than expected
We were anticipating the arrival of our Leesa mattress as we have tried a Casper mattress, two different Novaform mattresses, and a Purple mattress in the past. The Leesa has been firmer than we expected and as a result after 30 days, we have put a Casper topper on it to see if that helps. Still experiencing sore arms, neck and hips, so not sure if we will keep the mattress much longer. Disappointed that it has not been able to give us the dreamy sleep we were hoping for.

Jashaun S.

Fantastic Nights Sleep, over and over
Love this mattress! Extreamly comfotable and fairly light. A bit ok the firm side so if you're more of a soft mattres kind of person may no be for you, but it's not extreamly firm either. For me it was just right! You won't be disappointed with the quality.

Belia P.

Firm but fair
I had high hopes for this mattress after extensive research. My only real issue is that I find it very difficult to get comfortable on this mattress. It is quite firm. I haven’t tried it with a topper yet, but that might be my next move. I can appreciate that the firmness is perhaps better for my back but I really just want a soft bed to envelop me as I sleep.

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