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You like the value of a well-made, affordable mattress

You appreciate factory-direct savings

You like the generous comfort layer

You dont't want to feel stuck in the bed - you like bounce

You like being able to choose medium or firm


You want a soft bed

You want a mattress with lots of hug

You want the extra bounce of a latex mattress

You prefer one of the other Nest Mattresses


Nest (Love and Sleep), queen size -- $599

Quick Breakdown

This review is for the Nest Love and Sleep. The Love and Sleep is the least expensive mattress on the Nest website, but it’s important to note that Next offers different mattresses at different price points – up to a Smart House Cool Sleeper mattress that sells for $1899 for a queen size. Shopping the Nest website is a bit like going to a mattress store – lots of choices. However, we’ve focused on the Love and Sleep because we believe it is one of the best lower priced mattresses available. For $599 you are getting a mattress that is made in the USA and built to give a comfortable night’s rest.


Nest has earned a reputation for quality – and that reputation extends to the lowest priced mattress in their collection, the Love and Sleep. Its name comes from its combination of support for a good night’s rest and the pushback that gives you the bounce to enjoy everything you do in bed. The Love and Sleep comes in two different comfort levels and they have slightly different construction. Both count the Phase Change Cooling Cover as a layer. This mattress cover is made with 1” of Thermic Phase Change Cooling fabric that is designed to help you control your body temperature by storing body heat so you’re cool and giving you back that heat when you need to be warmer. In the medium, the cover adds an inch to the mattress’s height. The next layer is the Energex foam layer – a foam designed for the Love and Sleep brand of comfort with support and bounce. In the medium, this layer is 3”; in the firm, it’s a 2” layer. The medium Love and Sleep has a 1” layer of SmartFlow Air Flow foam which makes the mattress just a little softer. It sits on 6” of Density Edge Support Base Foam. In the firm, the SmartFlow layer isn’t included and you get 8” of the Density Edge Support Base Foam for a firmer sleeping surface. Both mattresses come in at a total of 11” high.
We like the fact that Nest isn’t afraid to adjust the construction of their mattress to provide two different comfort levels. The firm mattress is going to be great for stomach sleepers who are often forgotten in the one-size-fits-all mattresses. The Energex foam is a billed as giving you the bounce associated with an innerspring mattress and fullbody support. It’s a mattress made to be both supportive and fun!


Of course, comfort is individualized so if you want a really soft bed, you’re not going to fall in love with the Love and Sleep. However, you’re not going to find a more comfortable mattress at the price in the medium and firm comfort levels. We like the Energex foam. It has more pushback and less hug. You feel like you’re sleeping on a supportive mattress, not like you’re being surrounded by the mattress. Love and Sleep does put some emphasis on the “love” part of the name saying you won’t feel “stuck-in-the-mud” and you won’t have to worry about any squeaks which can happen in an innerspring. Nest says the Energex foam is a high performance, responsive and breathable (for coolness) foam. Love and Sleep owners would agree.


Love calls their Love and Sleep the gold standard in its price range and we agree. You buy factory direct and, without a middleman, you save. The construction of the mattress is excellent. The fact that you have a choice of comfort levels – albeit, just medium and firm, at this price is a real bonus. For sleeping comfort, the Love and Sleep delivers like mattresses that cost substantially more. If you’re looking for a comfortable mattress in an affordable price range, this is one of your best choices.


It’s easy. You sleep on it for at least 30 days and up to 100 days and if you’re not happy, you donate it to a charity that will pick it up. Then, Nest refunds your purchase price. This is the most common return policy among Internet mattress companies. However, Nest gives you an additional option in that you could return the bed for a different comfort level or use the original purchase price against the cost of a higher priced mattress.


The Love and Sleep comes with a 10-year warranty that matches the warranties of most Internet dealers. It is a guarantee against defects in the foam or workmanship. A depression of an inch or more caused by normal use is covered. We think it’s worth noting that some of the other Nest mattresses in the higher price ranges come with 20-year warranties.


William J.

Great Buy!! Im Sleepin Great Now!
had my Love bed mattress for 2 weeks now. The Wife and I both love it. Not waking up with back pain but refreshed and feeling good. The way this mattress feels...could have told my wife I spent more. Great deal for the money...get your card out and order one. I highly recommend it. I look forward to getting in my bed at night. This bed doesn't sleep hot nor did it smell at all. Very impressed with it. the set of sheets i bought with it from nest bedding felt great too.

Lisa P

New design?
It appears if you have a newly designed website. I can't tell if the template changed, the imagery changed or a combination of both but it looks good. I like the new imagery in the carousel. It looks more professional. It appears you may have an adaptive design. The mobile view is nice. Keep up the good work.

Jeremy S.

A luxury mattress in a class by itself!
I can't recommend this mattress highly enough. After trying another mattress in a box I was expecting another one of similar quality and was so pleasantly surprised when we unfurled my new Alexander. It looks like a million bucks, and more importantly, gives an outstanding night's sleep. I have put this in my Airbnb rental and the guest compliments have been over the top. Some of my guests want to purchase it when they return home. It's firm, well made and takes you to dreamland so nicely. Five stars.

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