Saavta Mattress


You want an innerspring mattress

You want a choice of height of your mattress

You want a soft mattress – or a medium or a firm

You want extra lumbar support in an innerspring mattress

You’re willing to pay to have your old mattress removed


You don’t want to pay for delivery

You want the conforming support of a foam mattress

You want more hug and less bounce

You want luxury but you’re not sure you’ll find it on the Internet


Saavta Luxury Firm Mattress, queen size -- $999 plus delivery

Overall Grade -- 8.6

When is shopping on the Internet, a little bit more like shopping in a store? When you visit the Saavta Mattress site. Saavta offers a luxury innerspring mattress on the Internet – in fact it has two layers of innerspring coils. This mattress cannot be compressed for shipping so you pay for deliver. For an additional fee you can have your old mattress removed. The website even has a “Concierge” – a chat line where you can “talk” to Saavta. The Saavta is sold as a luxury mattress for less and they compare their mattress to major brand bed normally found in showrooms. It is not the only innerspring mattress sold online, but it does offer Internet savings on a unique product.


Our favorite feature in the Saavta Luxury Firm is that it is foam encased. That means you can sit more comfortably on the edge to put on your socks and shoes and it increases the sleeping surface because you don’t get that falling feeling when you sleep close to the edge. The bottom layer of the Saavta is a tempered steel coil base. Saavta calls it the “best design to prevent sagging”. There is the Dual Perimeter Edge Support System that includes the foam encased edge support and encasing the upper comfort coils in foam. A lumbar support enhancement is a layer of memory foam to help reduce pressure and, especially, to reduce tension in the lower back. Next, are the comfort coils which are individually wrapped and contour to the individual sleeper’s body. Finally, there is an organic cotton cover with a Euro Pillow Top. The Euro Pillow Top has more padding than is found in most pillow tops and the cushioning materials are inserted under the outer covering, not sewn on the top. By inserting this comfort level into the mattress, it helps to avoid shifting or loss of shape.
The Saavta brings an interesting coil-on-coil construction along with a memory foam layer to the table. They compare their mattress’s comfort to those found in luxury hotels. While they call it a luxury firm, it is in the medium range of a 10-point comfort scale. The mattress also comes in two different heights – 14” and 11.5”. The difference is in the height of the base coils. This gives you the opportunity to pick the profile you want. However, the price is the same for either size.


The Saavta sleeps cool – like most innerspring mattresses. Simply, the coil construction allows air to circulate freely. Sleepers are going to feel like they are sleeping on top of the mattress – there is little or no hug. The lumbar support layer of memory foam is not thick enough to provide that feeling. But, it’s doing what Saavta wants it to do – giving some extra pressure relief to help reduce tension in the spine. The Saavta is an innerspring mattress with the added cushy feeling from the Euro Pillow Top. The mattress provides good support from the individually wrapped comfort coils. However, it does not have the sink or pressure relieving hug of a memory foam mattress. This isn’t a foam mattress and doesn’t feel like one. It gives the sleeper the traditional innerspring mattress feel and comfort.


The Saavta is a showroom mattress without the showroom. but it is a fair priced bed if it can deliver The Saavta is a showroom mattress without the showroom. They make the point that they don’t have stores which lowers their overhead, but they do have distribution centers. You pay for shipping and if you should choose to return the mattress, that money is not refunded. Additionally, while most stores will take away your old bed, if you want this service from Saavta, you pay an extra charge. However, the construction of this mattress is excellent and you save a thousand or more over luxury mattresses in a showroom. It doesn’t offer quite the same value as a mattress that can be compressed and shipped factory-direct, but it does offer excellent savings.


Saavta falls in line with other Internet mattress suppliers by offering a long – 120 days – trial period. There are no penalty fees or pickup charges if you decide to return the mattress. You get a full refund – minus that shipping charge. And, they say it will be issued promptly. The trial period is a big advantage over what is offered in many storefronts. You definitely have time to decide if this is the mattress you want.


Saavta warranty is a longer 15-year, non-prorated warranty. However, the terms change over the course of the 15 years. Within the first 2 years, Saavta will replace a defective mattress with a new mattress with no additional charges. In year 3 forward, they will repair and re-cover the mattress, but you pay shipping fees of $99 each way. You can also choose to keep the defective mattress and have a new mattress delivered at a lower price. You pay 25% of the original price in years 3 to 5 to have a new Saavta delivered and installed. That percentage goes up to 50% in years 6 to 10 and to 75% in years 11 to 15.


Marianne Clements

Still In Love
I absolutely LOVE my bed! Have bought two and will be buying another. I am disabled and this mattress set has been a God send as I spend a lot of time resting. Not to mention I sleep like a baby.

Craig T Heard

Love our Saatva mattress
We've had our luxury firm for about three weeks now and love it!!! It was comfortable the first night and we are sleeping better than ever! Best mattress we've ever purchased.

Jeanne D.

Very happy...
We have been pleasantly surprised with our Saatva mattress purchase. We were out shopping and another customer at a mattress/furniture store took me aside and told me about her Saatva matttess. After reading numerous reviews we ordered it online. It arrived within 2 weeks. The delivery company was prompt, professional and friendly. The first nights have been comfortable and restful... I hope it proves to be a winner!

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